Throat Irritated? Try #PineBros Softish Throat Drops

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. If you are in the colder parts of the world like I am. I’m sure you have had your fair share of sore and scratchy throats. I recently found out about a really good product called Pine Brothers softish throat drops. If you are like […]

Hello Kitty Soft Blocks Keep Babies Very Busy #reviews

hello kittty soft blocks

Disclosure: I received this product as an advertorial Hello Kitty is a favorite amongst not only the young but the you at heart. Hello Kitty was first introduced in the 1970’s by a Japenese company but has since become a phenomenon here in the United States. My family personally owns several Hello Kitty items. From […]

Get The Ultimate Chill-Out Wear From #onepiecefashion #reviews

me coach

Disclosure: I received this product as an Advertorial.   What do you get when you put the brains of three Norwegians in their twenties together? You get an innovative fashion item that is taking the nation by force, called OnePiece Jumpsuit. If you haven’t heard of the OnePiece Jumpsuit. It is the must have for […]

Kid Tested, Mother Approved #FoldableBluetoothV40Headphones

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Disclosure: I received this item as an advertorial If you are looking for a powerful Bluetooth wireless headphone. Look no further than the Foldable Bluetooth V40 Headphones from DB Power. As you can see, these headphones are even great for kids! Check out complete my review:  Features: It Can be used both wired (via the […]